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Автор Тема: My Pray  (Прочетена 1725 пъти)
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16 Април 2009

My Pray

I see the sun long before it's risen
i hear the heart's words before the word been listen
i may feel the feelings in a shaken heart
gathering 2 parts in a heart that been apart
i may kill all the damage suffer and pain
with Your strength and pray in my brain
i wanna thank You for my sins been cut
for Your kindness as You did to Abraham and Lot
for the Heavenly treasures more then money of the world
please help us been helpless poor and fault

"...защото нашата борба не е против кръв и плът, а против началствата, против властите, против светоуправниците на тъмнината от тоя век, против поднебесните духове на злобата."
Страници: [1]
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