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Любими албуми
2Songs Of Faith And Devotion2490301
4Music For The Masses2186321
5Black Celebration1920306
6Playing The Angel1741291
9Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live674107
10Some Great Reward504131
11Construction Time Again435127
12The Singles 86>9841599
13A Broken Frame357102
14Speak And Spell31792
15People Are People25760
16Remixes 81-0424858
17Sounds of The Universe15936
18The Singles 81>8514344
19The Singles 81-8514035
20Catching Up With Depeche Mode10529
21Delta Machine112
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Любими песни
1In Your Room3766250
2Walking In My Shoes2767213
3Enjoy The Silence2744188
4Never Let Me Down Again2594212
5World In My Eyes1908171
7Policy Of Truth1812158
8I Feel You1754141
9Personal Jesus1689135
10Behind The Wheel1550121
13It's No Good1439133
15Higher Love1380109
16A Question Of Time1348114
17Only When I Lose Myself1330122
18Shake The Disease1269117
20Everything Counts114096
22Barrel Of A Gun111494
24Black Celebration103588
26Little 1597093
27John The Revelator86884
28Dream On86482
30A Pain That I'm Used To82470
31One Caress78672
34Blasphemous Rumours73864
35Suffer Well71688
36Nothing's Impossible70874
37Waiting For The Night60463
38Sister Of Night58063
40A Question Of Lust52747
44Fly On The Windscreen41944
46The Bottom Line41546
47People Are People41148
48I Feel Loved41040
49Mercy In You40735
51I Want You Now36733
52Just Can't Get Enough36237
53Damaged People34435
53It Doesn't Matter Two34433
56Sweetest Perfection33538
57Here Is The House32335
58Goodnight Lovers31330
59Blue Dress29927
60The Sinner In Me29235
61Sea Of Sin28731
62The Things You Said28533
63Master And Servant28432
63See You28427
65My Joy27429
66Lie To Me26628
67Behind The Wheel - Route 6626519
71The Love Thieves23322
73Route 6621919
74But Not Tonight20619
75Dressed In Black20015
76The Sweetest Condition19621
77The Sun & The Rainfall18217
78In Chains17817
79Happiest Girl17719
80To Have And To Hold17419
81Leave In Silence17218
84My Secret Garden15419
85The Dead Of Night15317
86The Darkest Star15017
87It Doesn't Matter14717
87Route 66 - Behind The Wheel14716
90Death's Door14312
91When The Body Speaks14219
92Get The Balance Right13513
93I Am You13112
94Are People People?1107
95Dreaming Of Me10412
97Stories Of Old1009
98Pleasure Little Treasure899
100New Life8713
101I Want It All8611
102It's Called A Heart848
103World Full Of Nothing8214
104Miles Away / The Truth Is756
105Something To Do7111
105Agent Orange715
108Love In Itself637
109Get Right With Me6210
111If You Want584
112Tora! Tora! Tora!578
112Fragile Tension576
114Hole To Feed534
118More Than A Party415
119New Dress397
121Black Day363
123Jazz Thieves345
123Work Hard343
127Come Back324
127Ice Machine324
127In Your Memory323
132Told You So305
134Any Second Now274
134I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead274
134In Sympathy274
134Little Soul273
134Nothing To Fear273
134Boys Say Go!272
140Two Minute Warning265
143The Meaning Of Love245
143The Landscape Is Changing244
147(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me182
148A Photograph Of You172
148Breathing In Fumes172
150Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth152
150And Then...151
150Christmas Island151
153Mission Impossible132
158Shouldn't Have Done That92
161Sonata No. 1461
165What's Your Name?21
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Любими сингъли (като пакет от ремикси и б-сайдове)
1In Your Room47470
2Walking In My Shoes47077
3Enjoy The Silence46965
4Only When I Lose Myself42366
5Personal Jesus39261
6World In My Eyes38170
7Home / Useless35652
8Never Let Me Down Again35163
9Condemnation / Rush34051
10I Feel You / One Caress32855
11A Pain That I'm Used To31648
12Behind The Wheel30147
13Policy Of Truth29757
15It's No Good26856
16A Question Of Time23636
17Enjoy The Silence 0422531
18Blasphemous Rumours / Somebody22333
19Barrel Of A Gun21632
22Dream On19635
23Shake The Disease18334
24Little 1516131
25Everything Counts (101)14425
27Stripped / But Not Tonight13530
28I Feel Loved13123
29Everything Counts (1983)11117
31Strangelove '8810020
32Goodnight Lovers9017
33Get The Balance Right7616
34See You7514
35A Question Of Lust7415
36People Are People7218
37Leave In Silence6111
38Master And Servant5312
39Just Can't Get Enough4910
39Enjoy The Silence (back to back)497
42Dreaming Of Me448
43Personal Jesus (back to back)438
44It's Called A Heart409
45Love, In Itself236
46Strangelove (back to back)185
47The Meaning Of Love142
48New Life82
49People Are People (back to back)61
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Любими ремикси
1Halo - Goldfrapp Remix25733
2Never Let Me Down Again - Split Mix12719
3Enjoy The Silence - Timo Maas Extended Remix12619
4In Your Room - Zephyr Mix11415
5Never Let Me Down Again - Aggro Mix11316
5Enjoy The Silence - Reinterpreted (Mike Shinoda 2004 Mix)11314
7In Your Room - The Jeep Rock Mix9814
8Route 66 - Beatmasters Mix7911
9Photographic - Rex The Dog Dubb Mix7713
10To Have And To Hold - Spanish Taster7211
11Useless - Kruder + Dorfmeister Remix668
12Personal Jesus - Pump Mix6211
12Nothing's Impossible - Bare628
14Rush - Spiritual Guidance Mix599
15Behind The Wheel + Route 66 - Mega-Single Mix578
16Dangerous - Sensual Mix558
16Little 15 - Ulrich Schnauss Remix558
18Clean - Bare549
19Strangelove - Blind Mix508
19World In My Eyes - Cicada Remix508
19A Pain That I'm Used To - Jacques Lu Cont Dub507
19Something To Do - Black Strobe Remix507
23In Your Room - Apex Mix498
24Personal Jesus - Acoustic4810
24I Feel You - Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix487
26Enjoy The Silence - Hands And Feet Mix476
27Only When I Lose Myself - Gus Gus Long Play Mix456
28Freelove - Deep Dish Dub Mix446
28Barrel Of A Gun - United Mix445
28Enjoy The Silence - Bass Line445
31Home - Air Around The Golf Remix437
32Walking In My Shoes - Ambient Whale Mix417
32In Your Room - Extended Zephyr Mix416
32Nothing - Headcleanr Rock Mix415
35World In My Eyes - Daniel Miller Mix407
35The Dead Of Night - Electronicat Remix406
35A Pain That I'm Used To - Bitstream Spansule Mix405
35A Question Of Lust - Flood Mix405
39Strangelove - Maxi Mix396
39A Question Of Time - Remix395
41Stripped - Highland Mix377
42Clean - Colder Version369
42Route 66 + Behind The Wheel - Mega-Single Mix367
42Enjoy The Silence - Harmonium366
42My Joy - Single Mix366
46Lie To Me - The Pleasure Of Her Private Shame (LFO remix)355
47Surrender - Bare346
47Useless - Kruder + Dorfmeister Session™346
47Get The Balance Right! - Combination Mix345
47I Feel You - Single Mix344
47Walking In My Shoes - Random Carpet Mix344
52Freelove - Flood Mix324
53Happiest Girl - The Pulsating Orbital Mix316
53Waiting For The Night - Bare316
53Sea Of Sin - Sensoria315
53Enjoy The Silence - Single Mix314
57Strangelove - Pain Mix305
57Precious - Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix Edit304
59Behind The Wheel - Beatmasters Mix293
60Rush - Black Sun Mix285
60Walking In My Shoes - Album Edit285
62I Feel You - Babylon Mix275
62Useless - CJ Bolland Funky Sub Mix274
62A Question Of Lust - Edit273
65Home - The Noodles & The Damage Done264
65Only When I Lose Myself - Radio Edit264
65A Pain That I'm Used To - Goldfrapp Remix263
65Enjoy The Silence - Ewan Pearson Extended Remix263
65Useless - Remix263
70Higher Love - Adrenaline Mix255
70Only When I Lose Myself - Dan The Automator Remix255
70I Feel Loved - Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Dub254
70Just Can't Get Enough - Schizo Mix254
70World In My Eyes - Single Version253
75Happiest Girl - Jack Mix244
75Home - LFO Meant To Be243
75I Feel Loved - Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Mix243
75Personal Jesus - Timo Maas Vocal243
75Useless - Cosmic Blues Mix243
80Personal Jesus - Telephone Stomp Mix234
80Precious - Motor Mix234
80Martyr - Paul van Dyk Remix Edit233
80Painkiller - Kill The Pain Mix233
84Easy Tiger - Full Version225
84Policy Of Truth - Capitol Mix225
84Fly On The Windscreen - Death Mix223
84Freelove - Deep Dish Remix223
84Walking In My Shoes - Grungy Gonads Mix223
89Newborn - Foster Remix by Kettel215
89Policy Of Truth - Beat Box214
89Useless - Escape From Wherever: Parts 1 & 2!214
89Lilian - Chab vocal remix213
89World In My Eyes - Safar Mix213
94Death's Door - Jazz Mix204
94Blasphemous Rumours - Radio Edit203
94It's No Good - Hardfloor Mix203
94Personal Jesus - Holier Than Thou Approach202
98Precious - Sasha's Spooky Mix Edit194
98World In My Eyes - Mayhem Mode194
98A Question Of Lust - Remix Edit193
98Everything Counts - Absolut Mix193
98Everything Counts - Reprise193
98It's No Good - Radio Edit193
98Personal Jesus - Boys Noise Classic193
98Barrel Of A Gun - 3 Phase Mix192
106Barrel Of A Gun - Underworld Soft Mix184
106I Feel You - Helmet At The Helm Mix183
106Painkiller - Plastikman Mix183
106Freelove - DJ Muggs Remix182
106John The Revelator - Boosta club remix182
106Leave In Silence - Longer182
112A Question Of Lust - Minimal173
112A Question Of Time - New Town Mix / Live Remix173
112But Not Tonight - Extended Mix173
112Fly On The Windscreen - Extended173
112Only When I Lose Myself - Subsonic Legacy Remix173
112Sea Of Sin - Tonal Mix173
112I Feel Loved - Chamber's Mix172
112Just Can't Get Enough - Dirty South172
120Dream On - Bushwacka Tough Guy Dub163
120Happiest Girl - The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix163
120Policy Of Truth - Radio Edit163
120Strangelove - Remix Edit163
120Only When I Lose Myself - Gus Gus Mix - BRAT Radio Edit162
125Condemnation - Paris Mix153
125People Are People - Different Mix153
125World In My Eyes - Oil Tank Mix153
125Enjoy The Silence - Ricki-Tik-Tik-Mix (Promo Version)152
125Freelove - Josh Wink Vocal Interpretation152
130John The Revelator - Dave is in the disco Tiefschwarz remix143
130Behind The Wheel - LP Mix142
130Dream On - Single Version142
130Enjoy The Silence - Extract from The Quad: Final Mix142
130Enjoy The Silence - Hands And Feet Mix (Japanese)142
130Home - Radio Edit142
130It's No Good - Bass Bounce Mix142
130Lilian - Pantha du Prince raboisen ecke burstah remix142
130Only When I Lose Myself - Josh Abraham Remix142
130Policy Of Truth - Trancentral Mix142
130Strangelove - Highjack Remix142
141Strangelove - 7'' Version134
141World In My Eyes - Mode To Joy134
141John The Revelator - Murk mode remix132
141Somebody - Remix132
145Barrel Of A Gun - Underworld Hard Instrumental122
145It's No Good - Andrea Parker Mix122
145John The Revelator - Murk mode dub122
145Master And Servant - Voxless122
145Only When I Lose Myself - Gus Gus Short Play Mix122
145Precious - Calderone & Quayle Damaged Club Mix122
145Route 66 - Nile Rodgers122
152Fools - Bigger112
152Freelove - Deep Dish Radio Edit - No Drums In Verse 2112
152Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Remix)112
152Suffer Well - Alter Ego Remix112
152Suffer Well - Tiga Remix112
157Barrel Of A Gun - Underworld Hard Mix103
157Everything Counts - In Larger Amounts (1983 12'' Mix)103
157Martyr - Alex Smoke Gravel103
157Dream On - The BRAT Mix102
157New Life - Remix102
157Surrender - Catalan FC Out Of Reach Mix102
157A Question Of Time - Extended Remix101
157Any Second Now - Altered101
157Barrel Of A Gun - One Inch Punch Mix (v2)101
157Behind The Wheel - DJ Bong 15 Mix101
157Behind The Wheel - Shep Pettibone Remix101
157Dream On - Octagon Man Dub101
157Everything Counts - Troy Pierce Shadows Mix101
157Flexible - Deportation Mix101
157Home - Air101
157Martyr - Paul Van Dyk Radio Mix101
157Personal Jesus - Hearthrob Mix101
157Rush - Wild Planet Mix (Vocal)101
175It's No Good - Club 69 Future Mix93
175Dangerous - Hazchemix92
175Barrel Of A Gun - Radio Edit91
175Dream On - Pink Noise Pain Is Waiting Mix91
175Easy Tiger - Bertrand Burgalat Remix91
175Fly On The Windscreen - Quiet Mix91
175I Feel Loved - Extended Instrumental91
175I Feel Loved - Remix91
175I Feel You - Throb Mix91
175It's No Good - Club 69 Future Dub91
175Newborn - Foster Remix91
175Walking In My Shoes - Extended Twelve Inch Mix91
187A Pain That I'm Used To - Jacques Lu Cont Remix82
187Nothing - Justin Strauss Remix82
187Strangelove - Blind Mix (US Edit)82
187Barrel Of A Gun - One Inch Punch Mix81
187Dream On - Dave Clarke Acoustic Mix81
187Enjoy The Silence - Ecstatic Dub (Japanese)81
187Flexible - Pre-Deportation Mix81
187Freelove - Steve Osborne Mix81
187I Want You Now - Japanese Edit81
187Martyr - Alex Smoke Gravel Mix81
187Oberkorn (It's A Small Town) - Development Mix81
187Shake The Disease - Fade81
199Christmas Island - Extended72
199Never Let Me Down Again - Digitalism Remix72
199Only When I Lose Myself - Josh Abraham Remix Edit72
199Precious - Sasha's Spooky Mix Single Edit72
199(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me - 12'' Mix71
199Behind The Wheel - Radio Edit71
199Behind The Wheel - Remix71
199Dream On - Kid 606 Mix71
199Freelove - Deep Dish Freedom Dub71
199Freelove - Johnny Dollar Mix71
199Goodnight Lovers - isan Falling Leaf Mix71
199It's No Good - Club 69 Funk Dub71
199It's No Good - Club 69 Future Mix (US Edit)71
199It's No Good - Club 69 Mix - BRAT Radio Edit71
199Precious - DJ Dan 4 A.M. Mix71
199Sea Of Sin - Tonal Mix (Re-Edit)71
215Happiest Girl - Kiss-A-Mix62
215In Your Memory - Slik Mix62
215Shake The Disease - Edit The Shake62
215When The Body Speaks - Acoustic Version62
215But Not Tonight - (US 7 inch)61
215But Not Tonight - Extended Remix61
215Dangerous - Hazchemix Edit61
215Dream On - Pink Noise Club Mix61
215Dream On - Pink Noise Dub61
215I Feel Loved - Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Edit61
215Love, In Itself - 261
215Martyr - Booka Shade Dub61
215Master And Servant - US Black And Blue Version61
215Slowblow - Darren Price Mix61
215Strangelove - The Fresh Ground Mix61
215Walking In My Shoes - Random Carpet Mix (US Edit)61
231Freelove - Console Remix52
231It Doesn't Matter Two - Instrumental52
231Policy Of Truth - Pavlov's Dub52
231Behind The Wheel + Route 66 - Megadub51
231Enjoy The Silence - Ricki-Tik-Tik-Mix51
231I Feel Loved - Fafa Superfunk Monteco Remix (Club Version)51
231I Feel Loved - Thomas Brinkmann Mix51
231It's Called A Heart - Emotion Remix51
231It's No Good - Speedy J Mix51
231John The Revelator - UNKLE re-construction51
231Lilian - Robag Wruhme krazy fuckking dub51
231Mercy In You - The BRAT Mix51
231Personal Jesus - Kazan Cathedral Mix51
231Pleasure, Little Treasure - Glitter Mix51
231Suffer Well - M83 Remix51
231The Darkest Star - James Holden Mix51
231Useless - Air 20 Mix51
231Walking In My Shoes - Single Edit51
249Behind The Wheel - DJ Remix42
249Enjoy The Silence - Esctatic Dub41
249Enjoy The Silence - Richard X Extended Mix41
249I Feel Loved - Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Instrumental41
249Precious - Michael Mayer Ambient Mix41
249Rush - Amylnitrate Mix (Instrumental)41
249Shake The Disease - Remixed Extended Version41
249Strangelove - Midi Mix41
249Suffer Well - Narcotic Thrust Vocal Dub41
249Useless - CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Mix41
259Work Hard - East End Remix32
259Dream On - Bushwacka Tough Guy Radio Edit31
259Enjoy The Silence - The Quad: Final Mix31
259Freelove - David Bascombe Remix31
259Freelove - Schlammpeitziger Little Rocking Suction Pump Version31
259Home - Jedi Knights Remix (Drowning In Time)31
259I Feel You - Intro Edit31
259Martyr - Bookashade Dub31
259Never Let Me Down Again - Tsangarides Mix31
259Precious - US Radio Version31
269A Pain That I'm Used To - Radio Version 122
269Walking In My Shoes - Single Mix22
269Black Celebration - Black Tulip Mix21
269Dream On - Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix (CD Edit)21
269Enjoy The Silence - Hands And Feet Mix (Edit)21
269Freelove - Bertrand Burgalat Version21
269Freelove - Josh Wink Vocal Interpretation (Not Mastered)21
269Headstar - Luke Slater Remix21
269Home - Grantby Mix21
269I Feel Loved - Single Version21
269Leave In Silence - Quieter21
269Love, In Itself - 321
269My Joy - Slow Slide21
269Zenstation - Atom's Stereonerd Remix21
283Behind The Wheel + Route 66 - Megamix11
283Dream On - Dave Clarke Club Mix11
283Everything Counts - Bomb The Bass Remix11
283Everything Counts - Huntemann Dub11
283Freelove - Deep Dish Freedom Remix11
283Master And Servant - (US 7'' Version)11
283Nothing - US 7'' Mix11
283Precious - Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix Full Length11
283Strangelove - 7'' Blind Edit11
283Strangelove - 7'' Version (Pain Mix Edit)11
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Любими филми
1Devotional (DVD)637145
2One Night In Paris615178
3101 (DVD)433128
4Touring The Angel: Live In Milan338108
7The Videos 86>9817772
8The Videos 86>98 +14564
9The World We Live In And Live In Hamburg10348
10Strange Too8839
12Some Great Videos 81>856231
13Some Great Videos4318
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Любими турнета
1(2005) Touring The Angel825208
2(1993) The Devotional Tour769186
3(2001) The Exciter Tour350111
4(1990) The World Violation Tour283101
5(1987 - 1988) Music For The Masses Tour25791
6(1998) The Singles Tour11243
7(1997) Ultra Parties10043
8(1986) Black Celebration Tour8438
9(2009) Tour of The Universe4917
10(1994) The Exotic Tour4517
11(1984 - 1985) Some Great Reward Tour229
12(1983 - 1984) Construction Time Again Tour175
13(1982 - 1983) Broken Frame Tour62
14(1980) 1980 Tour51
15(1981) 1981 Tour42
16(1982) See You Tour32
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Любими членове на групата
1Dave Gahan1350300
2Martin L. Gore1148284
3Alan Wilder675229
4Andy Fletcher574228
5Vince Clarke220166
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Любим соло проект
1Paper Monsters (Dave Gahan)606149
2Counterfeit E.P. (Martin L. Gore)507129
3Counterfeit 2 (Martin L. Gore)486125
4Hourglass (Dave Gahan)31476
5Liquid (Recoil)17761
6Bloodline (Recoil)15255
7Unsound Methods (Recoil)14750
8Subhuman (Recoil)6624
91 + 2 (Recoil)5123
10Hydrology (Recoil)3918
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Любими клипове
1In Your Room1139155
2Enjoy The Silence982134
3Walking In My Shoes921147
4Barrel Of A Gun721110
5It's No Good671109
6I Feel You61494
7Never Let Me Down Again54299
8Suffer Well46194
9Only When I Lose Myself45682
11Policy Of Truth42776
12Personal Jesus36966
17A Pain That I'm Used To24042
19World In My Eyes23454
20Dream On21638
22Behind The Wheel20238
23A Question Of Time19633
25I Feel Loved18031
27Shake The Disease15031
28Enjoy The Silence 0412318
29One Caress11320
30Everything Counts (from '101')11017
31Strangelove '8810320
32Little 159522
34See You6511
35Goodnight Lovers6412
36People Are People6113
38Master And Servant5411
39Blasphemous Rumours438
40John The Revelator427
41Everything Counts397
44A Question Of Lust192
45Leave In Silence183
46Just Can't Get Enough146
47Love In Itself104
47But Not Tonight102
49It's Called A Heart72
50The Meaning Of Love63
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Любими песни изпяти от Мартин Гор
3One Caress346105
4A Question Of Lust32294
6The Things You Said22180
7I Want You Now21468
8It Doesn't Matter Two18659
9The Bottom Line18365
10Sweetest Perfection17269
11Damaged People16257
13Blue Dress13047
15It Doesn't Matter7924
16Route 666825
17World Full Of Nothing5925
18Death's Door4817
21Black Day239
24Any Second Now107
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Любими б-сайдове
2Happiest Girl66190
3My Joy62485
5Sea Of Sin51483
6Route 6645170
8Death's Door32649
11In Your Memory15329
12Easy Tiger14725
13Ice Machine13822
16Work Hard11223
18Black Day9022
19Now This Is Fun8919
21(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me8317
24Breathing In Fumes6715
27Christmas Island5811
28Sonata No. 14 in C# Minor5515
30Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)489
33The Great Outdoors!217
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Любими инструментали
1Agent Orange75593
4Jazz Thieves39557
5Nothing to Fear34750
9Easy Tiger26138
10Any Second Now21132
11Breathing In Fumes19229
13Christmas Island17525
15Big Muff14524
16Excerpts from: My Secret Garden13622
19Sonata No. 14 in C# Minor12724
21Junior Painkiller12621
24Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)7815
26Interlude No. 1 - Mission Impossible569
27The Great Outdoors!3713
29Interlude #3295
30Interlude No. 4246