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Автор Тема: Send your birthday wish to Alan!  (Прочетена 14386 пъти)
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The Fein
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Отговори #45: 07 Юни 2006

Алън Уайлдър и екипът на Shunt ( благодарят за пожеланията.  Усмивка

Alan asked me to thank you all for your birthday greetings and the many comments you left.  He values your support very much.  The entire Shunt website is being re-worked but it will continue to provide information on the new Recoil LP so keep watching this space!

Kind regards and thank you for your support

Each tear that flows down your face
Trickles then picks up the pace
And turns to a river inside
A river that will not subside

I can hear that dreadful overflowing sound
And watching from afar I see a child is drowned
The child inside your heart

Страници: 1 2 3 [4]  Всички
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